Gothamist's early memories of egg custard include eating them at dim sum or at a pastry stores like Maria's, but we recently experienced something totally different. After seeing David Yee's photo of the Egg Custard King Cafe on flickr we knew that we had to have at least one egg custard. What we didn't know and probably shouldn't have done was that we would end up eating four in a sitting. The things we do for you, our readers.

Egg Custard King Cafe has several different flavors of egg custard. Pictured above are the four that we tried - almond, honey dew, mango, and strawberry. Other flavors that we spotted at the store included banana, plain and a mysterious white egg custard. Our favorite of the bunch was the honey dew, followed closely by the almond egg custard. The mango egg custard was the only one where we noticed chunks of fruit.

Some more photos of the egg custard on Tien's site. And in the future, perhaps we can try the other flavors and avoid over-indulging on these tasty little treats. Each egg custard we purchased was 75¢ and the cafe might be heaven for lovers of egg custard.

Egg Custard King Cafe
76 Mott St (between Canal and Bayard)

Photo by Tien Mao