2008_06_pomegranate.jpgBlogger Flatbush Pigeon recently noted the curious case of Pomegranate, the enormous new supermarket currently in its final stages of construction in Flatbush/Midwood. The food store takes the place of a kosher bakery, another store, and an auto repair shop. Giant pomegranates loom over Coney Island Avenue and Avenue L. The picture here belies the sheer size of the place—just take a look at Flatbush Pigeon’s photos.

The blogger notes that “this isn't going to get the same quantity of blog press as Whole Foods or Ikea,” but Pomegranate's building nonetheless looks like it devoured a few Whole Foods locations and still had room for a D’Agostino dessert. A sneak peek (through the plywood around the property) reveals that shelving and refrigerators are set in place; paper signs denote the eventual shelving space of caramel popcorn and chips. Pomegranate will presumably be kosher, and a new source for groceries in Brooklyn will likely be more important to some residents than the opening of IKEA, especially considering recent closure trends. Anybody know anything about this place?

Pomegranate Supermarket, 1507 Coney Island Avenue; Brooklyn. No phone yet.