Great news for residents and pencil pushers near Downtown Brooklyn: a restaurant specializing in xiao long bao (a.k.a. soup dumplings) is opening in September! Yaso Tangbao ("Uncle's soup dumplings") will serve the delectable gravy-filled dumplings native to the Shanghai region, reports Brooklyn Paper, who caught up with proprietors Chi Zhang, Kevin Gu and Chong Wu to talk about their new business. The trio have brought aboard chef Zongxing Tu, who's apparently a "big deal in the potsticker world."

The operation will be casual counter service and serve the popular dumplings in addition to other regional dishes including noodle soups and meatballs. As Zhang notes, there is "no authentic Shanghai food anywhere near" their new digs at 148 Lawrence Street, though there is a dirt cheap dumplings house just around the corner on Duffield Street that sells four pork and chive dumplings for $1 and also offers "Little Juice Buns" (often code for off-brand xiao long bao) for under $3.

Considering the provenance of their chef, it's unlikely there'll be much competition in the soup dumpling department when the restaurant opens September 26th.