2007_05_thaitony%27s.jpgThough it’s only been open for a little more than a week, Thai Tony’s on Fort Hamilton Parkway at the edge of Kensington, Brooklyn, is already building a strong neighborhood following. During repeat visits, Gothamist watched the owners and staff bustle around the dining room of the self-described “home-style bistro,” greeting returning customers by name. That’s right, they already know most of their customers by name. Thai Tony’s first came to our attention via our friends over at the Kensington blog, who followed its development from the construction phase, to last week’s grand opening.

2007_05_chicken.jpgWith around 20 seats including a couple of sidewalk tables, Thai Tony’s is definitely filling a niche: there are very few sit-down restaurants in the area, let alone relax. The restaurant does the standard delivery thing, and puts a strong focus on the earnest Lunch Special. The twelve choices ($4.95) include a fried spring roll and side of white rice ($1 extra for a side salad or a huge bowl of soup, like chicken with rice noodles). Try the Paad Gaprow -- sauteed chicken and chili, onions, and Holy Basil sauce. Also good is the Hoy Jor ($3.95), dense ground shrimp and crab wrapped in soy paper and fried, served with plum sauce. While the menu doesn’t really stack up against region-hopping largesse of Sripraphai, for example, the flavors at Thai Tony’s are clean and fresh. Also, like much of Kensington, it’s hype free. You can easily pre-negotiate the spiciness level of your entrees with your server, or ask for a little more sugar for your excellent ginger iced tea ($2).

Thai Tony’s is currently cash-only and BYOB; nicely, the Exxon “on the go” minimart down the street, right across from the Greenwood Cemetery border, carries a wide selection of decent beer, including Magic Hat, Dos Equis, and Yuengling.

Thai Tony’s
3019 Fort Hamilton Parkway
(near East 2nd Street)
(718) 436-6932

photos: Thai Tony's dining room; chicken with ginger sauce lunch special