The liquid diet trend has now moved beyond extruded produce and into boiled animal parts. On Monday, East Village restaurant Hearth will launch a to-go window that dispenses steaming cups of seasoned broth with sippy lids like takeout coffee. Grub Street got the details from owner Marco Canora, who thinks the concept for Brodo—Italian for "broth"—will be the next big trend for Paleo-friendly folks and people who hate chewing. Suck it, green juice.

The sippables will be made from "organic chicken and local grass-fed beef bones" seasoned to enhance their flavor. Optional "infusions" include chili oil and beet kvass, a fermented liquid that's supposed to purify the blood. The takeout window will also sell more traditional soups, Sicilian hot chocolate and unseasoned brodo for home use served in—what else?—mason jars. Eye-rolling aside, this actually sounds pretty tasty, especially for a blustery afternoon when the mercury dips. Just don't call it "brothing," okay?