2006_04_food_gandalf.jpgEaster is right around the corner, which means that they've started to take over once again. They're everywhere you look, staring at you with their little brown eyes, dazzling you with their brightly colored exteriors: Peeps. People go nuts about them (some people go nuts while eating them, but that's another story). We're not sure why, exactly -- we're more Cadbury Cream Eggs fans, ourselves -- but Peeps fans are a dedicated bunch. There's an entire blog, Peep Blog, devoted to the sugary marshmallow critters, including a "Cooking with Peeps" section (talk about vomit-inducing; we retched just looking at the peppers and peeps stir-fry), and, of course, the Lord of the Peeps site, which re-creates the Lord of the Rings epic with, you guessed it, Peeps (in case you couldn't figure it out, that's Gandalf). There's even a site full of Peeps links, ranging from crafts, news, and art projects. The do-it-yourself Peeps lovers can even get into the act by making their own Peeps in the comfort and privacy of their own kitchens. Hey, whatever floasts your boat -- just don't call us when you get stuck in a permanent sugar high, junkie.