Stress eating raw cookie dough has the potentially irritating side effect of possibly landing you in the hospital. On the plus side: free Jello!

In 2015, Kristen Tomlan found a way to make raw cookie dough safe with "pasteurized-egg product and heat-treated flour," and now Grub Street reports that she's opening up a shop devoted to getting raw cookie dough into the mouths of New Yorkers by any means possible.

DO opens next week at 550 Laguardia Place, billed as "New York City's first ever cookie dough scoop shop."

"Eat - and customize - your edible cookie dough, make your own freshly-baked cookie creations, or take a class from our cookie school!" the website heralds. They'll even serve you a scoop of raw cookie dough in an ice cream cone. We probably don't deserve this.