We're truly #blessed to live in a place where just about anything can be delivered to us, at more or less any time of the day. This #blessing now includes that time of the day (i.e. NOW) when our bodies cry out for delicious noodles. Michael White, whose Altamarea Group runs some very pasta-friendly restaurants, has answered New York City's call for more carbs with a new "Pasta On Demand" service through UberEATS. This is the best delivery innovation since that burrito operation.

White's restaurant Ristorante Morini serves as the delivery point, executing a menu of six pastas. "We aimed to create a menu that captures some of Altamarea's signature pastas," White said in the announcement. "We curated dishes that can be delivered to users' doorsteps in a timely manner, while still providing the same high-quality and consistency we offer in our restaurants."

Among the selections are a simple rigatoni in a tomato and basil sauce ($14) to the more adventurous creste pasta (curly "rooster's crest" shape) made with squid ink and tossed with a shrimp and calamari ragu with breadcrumbs. Additionally, they'll deliver a handful of salads (guilt assuagers) and desserts (the opposite).

Delivery's only available in Manhattan but the range spans from 26th Street to 135th Street.

UberEats Altamarea Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd