2005_12_food_cork.jpgWhen Gothamist awoke from our food coma this morning, we checked all vital signs and aside from the headache from the 8 bottles of wine our family polished off, it was official, we survived the holidays. Now with Christmas and Hanukah under our belt (along with a few extra inches, like we could resist those triple fudge brownies...we are human, damnit!) we turn our attention to New Year's, the holiday where we can truly focus on the important things...like drinking and making out with strangers.

This year, Gothamist has decided to be a purist and stick to champagne and sparkling wine for New Years (and by purist we just mean we won't mix again like last year; hugging the toilet at midnight was not so romantic). Here are our picks for champagne and sparkling wine to bring in the New Years…

2000 Larmandier-Bernier Cramant, Champagne, France, $44.99
We loved this champagne so much at the Grand Tasting that we bought a bottle for this special occasion. Since this one is a little pricey, we’ll start the night off with this and save the cheap stuff for when we can’t taste any more (around 8:30pm). This champagne has tiny bubbles that burst in your mouth and that perfect balance of baked bread and fruit notes.

Pacific Echo Sparkling Wine, California, USA, $15.00
This sparkling wine packs a lot of bang for the buck. The aromas are fruity with touches of almonds and toast.

2000 Gimonnet "Cuvee Gastronome", Champagne, France, $32.00

As the name suggests, this champagne is the perfect accompaniment to those tasty little snacks you’ll be noshing on at your New Years party. The citrus notes and acidity will stand up quite nicely to that cheese platter and pigs in a blanket.

NV Feuillatte, Nicolas Champagne, Brut Rose Premier Cru, $30.00

It wouldn’t be New Years without a great Rose. These “pink champagnes” have great complexity and layers of flavor. We love this one for its berry notes balanced with aromas fresh baked bread.

With a few more days left to 2005, Gothamist is going to use this time to recuperate so we can bring the A-game to a fresh new year. And by recuperate me mean relax, finish off those brownies and have another glass of wine. Ok, perhaps this is more like training than recuperation. That’s it, training. This is going to be a great new year.