The owners of DUMBO pizzeria Love & Dough, which further padded the neighborhood's pizza options when it opened in 2015, debuted another restaurant in the neighborhood on Friday. This time they're tackling ramen, whipping up seven different varieties plus some other Japanese dishes.

The restaurant, Rāmen Bar, which is co-owned by Qerime Marke and Arthur Hasani, will serve a rotation of ramen including shoyu, miso and tonkostu styles, with spicy versions available of the latter two. Two vegetarian miso ramen soups are also on the menu, along with a chicken-based bowl of noodle soup.

Hasani and Marke hooked up with a chef, who goes by Tip, to run the kitchen. The chef has worked in several ramen shops around the city, including Yebisu Ramen, Ten-Ichi, Chuko Ramen, and a brief stint at Mr. Taka. "The most recent place I've worked at was Ramen Shack, which is owned by the famous Keizo Shimamoto, who totally changed my perspective on ramen," chef Tip tells Gothamist. "He enlightened me with creative ideas, motivation, inspiration, power, and energy to do something more."

DUMBO's seen a bit of a restaurant revival of late, though most are opening in or near the fancy new Empire Stores development in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Rāmen Bar opens just down the block from Usagi NY, which sells Japanese bento boxes for the DUMBO lunch set.

140 Plymouth Street, DUMBO

Ramen Bar Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd