Ready or not, here comes Mama! Back in July East Villagers were sad to discover that longtime comfort food institution Mama's Food Shop had closed quickly after its Williamsburg sibling. But good news, everyone! She's coming back. Sort of!

The Local brings us word that Richard Freedman, who owns 200 East Third Street (where Mama's lived) and Mama's Bar next door, is taking over the space and will be hopefully serving food at "Mama's something or other" in the next few months (it won't be called Mama's Food Shop is the big point). The new joint won't be quite the same as the one that came before (table service—gasp!) but they will have lots in common:

“We’re going to mix the menu up a little bit,” said Mr. Freedman, “but we’re still going to have some of the same things - fried chicken, meatloaf with mashed potatoes.” Unlike at Mama’s Food Shop, however, there will be table service as well as dishes like shrimp and grits, which nod to Mr. Freedman’s time as a South Carolina resident (the onetime East Villager now lives on 34th Street). "Our goal is to keep it cheap and keep it friendly,” he said.

Sounds good to us, and we're sure the late night drinkers will like the "smashmouth" dishes they plan to offer (like "fried cheese balls and mashed potatoes and gravy").