Tomorrow is the annual Taste of Chinatown where over 50 restaurants offer a variety of their dishes for $1 or $2 bites. And for $1 or $2, you do get a lot. In fact, we tried a few of the dishes offered tomorrow, and we got very full after four "tastes," so save your appetite for tomorrow. And the event is between 1PM and 6PM, rain or shine - and there are tents so if rain comes, you'll be covered.

Here's a list of the restaurants and the delicious dishes you can taste tomorrow...we tried them all!

Buddha Bodai, 5 Mott Street: A Kosher Chinese restaurant that specializes in vegetarian fare, we had vegetarian snails, meat chop with peking sauce, green tea sticky rice balls, roasted meat buns, and General Tso's chicken (all $2), and the coconut bar and spring rolls (both $1). The vegetarian snails were actually mushrooms and the roasted meat buns which tasted just like cha siu bao (roasted pork buns) - it all satisfied the carnivore in us.

Teariffic Café, 51 Mott Street: Not only did we have some teas, like the lychee with coconut jelly, black bubble tea with milk and tapioca, and taro tea with milk and tapioca bubbles (all pictured left), and there were also yakitori chicken skewers, vegetable spring rolls, samosas, shrimp toast (all $2). It's food for young Chinese people - super sweet drinks, super savory treats.

East Ocean Seafood, 53 Bayard Street: Seafood rolls, deep fried chicken with roasted garlic, deep fried silver fish with roasted garlic, all $2. There's a heaping portion of the deep fried silver fish, and the seafood rolls are so very tasty. And the chicken was tender and juicy and served with a special spicy sauce.

And finally at Sweet-n-Tart, 20 Mott Street: We had wild sticky rice siu mai dumplings, sauteed shrimp in pumpkin sauce, and home-style tofu with shrimp, preserved cabbage, and water spinach (all $2). The shrimp's delicate preparation is contrasted with the heavier pumpkin sauce, and the sticky rice siu mai dumplings are beautifully prepared (and yummy to eat; pictured right). The tofu acted as a nice, cool chaser for our big belly.

Taste of Chinatown, Saturday, April 22, 1-6PM, at Mott, Mulberry, Baxter, Bayard, Pell, Doyers and Mosco Streets

Top collage, clockwise from upperleft: Deep fried chicken with roasted garlic from East Ocean; green tea sticky rice balls and roast meat buns from Buddha Bodai; vegetarian snails and General Tso's chickecn from Buddha Bodai; and fried silver fish from East Ocean