From the team behind the tiny and exclusive club The Eldridge and Upstairs, CV is the latest reboot of a space in The Hotel on Rivington [i.e., THOR] that has previously done business as 105 Riv. Hilarious interview subject Matt Levine brought in nightlife poobah Steve Lewis to redesign it, and Lewis says he's made the place "a warm, comfy space to hang with a 'Meatpacking' aesthetic." (The name, by the way, is the address in Roman numerals; so now you have a dope pick-up line when you go there.)

As you can see, it looks whimsically ridonkulous, with dark brown wallpaper, hand-crafted wood sculptures lining the walls, plush leather banquets, a leather cross-stitched bar, and flower boxes with mysterious shining crystals. Why not? According to one of the owners, THOR is a "celebrity-driven hotel" and we could see driven celebs like Jeremy Piven fitting right in here under the giant disco ball. It's open nightly from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m., and serves a late-night menu by neighboring restaurant LEVANTeast.

CV // 105 Rivington Street // (646) 202-9458