The debate over whether or not children should be allowed into restaurants enters a new stage today, with the news that one brave London restaurant charged one mother a small "baby tax" for bringing her spittle-strewn bundle of joy. Is this the closest thing to a compromise we'll get?

Natasha Young brought her six-week old son to Cosmo, a large chain restaurant in London, to breast-feed him. When she received her bill, there was a £3 (about $5) charge tacked on, reportedly because her stroller was taking up space. The outraged Young took her story to the press, prompting the restaurant to issue an apology and explain that the "minimum charge policy is intended for toddlers who eat but not as much as a child." But maybe there should be a baby tax, after all—how else will restaurants recoup the losses from customers who stop coming in to avoid all the screaming babies?

A few months ago, a whopping 71% of you said that yes, restaurants should just ban children. What do you think about enacting a baby tax? Something small, in the $5 range. Maybe the restaurants could consider using the money to buy a round for the heroic diners who get stuck at a table next to someone else's baby? Or perhaps donate the money to charity, or Planned Parenthood!

[via Huffington Post]