The Mast Brothers make a lot of noise in the city's chocolate scene but there are plenty of other places to find good craft chocolate in the city, too. Sometimes it's exactly where you'd expect it, at a specialty chocolate shop; other times it's where you'd least expect it, like at a furniture store.

The brands I'm talking about all make chocolate from scratch. While others buy chocolate in bulk from another company and melt it down into bars or candies, these artisans start with whole, raw beans, which they roast, grind, and then transform into smooth, high-end chocolate bars—often with prices to match.

Here are 14 stores across the city to find your craft chocolate fix.



Raaka These guys make “virgin” chocolate, which means the beans aren’t roasted but also aren’t considered raw. It’s organic and vegan, and they create interesting flavors like bourbon-cask-aged chocolate and coconut milk. Be sure to take a factory tour of their warehouse space in Red Hook to see how they handle the beans and magically turn them into something delicious.

Raaka is located at 64 Seabring Street between Richards Street and Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn (855-255-3354,


Cacao Prieto The beautiful drawings on this Red Hook maker’s labels almost override the chocolate itself, which they source in bean-form exclusively from the Dominican Republic. The same can be said of the storefront, which boasts vintage chocolate-making machines as well as a cocktail bar and liquor distillery, plus a quaint outdoor space with chickens.

Cacao Prieto is located at 218 Conover Street between Coffey Street and Dikeman Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn (347-225-0130,

The Brothers Mast: Michael and Rick

Mast Brothers The ultimate Brooklyn makers and the face of the bean-to-bar chocolate movement (including their beards and beard nets), Mast Brothers Chocolate is a must—regardless of recent headlines. Visit their storefront in Williamsburg and peek into the factory in back; they also offer daily, 30 minute tours for a more hands-on experience. Don’t miss the Chocolate Brew Bar down the street, where you’ll find cacao tea as well as non-alcoholic chocolate beer on draft.

Mast Brothers is located at 111 N 3rd Street between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-388-2625,


Fine & Raw You won’t miss milk when you bite into the vegan bars from this Brooklyn maker, which wants to “save the world through silliness and chocolate.” If their addictive salted chocolate bars and cacao and coconut chunky are any indication, they’re succeeding, with flying colors.

Fine & Raw is located at 288 Seigel Street between Bogart Street and White Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-366-3633,



The Meadow This specialty chocolate, bitters, and flower shop carries the best chocolate in the world, organized by type: dark, milk, salted, infused, white—the list goes on. The experts here know everything about chocolate and can help you find that obscure brand you’re looking for or introduce you to your new favorite bar (hello, Pump Street’s sourdough and salt). In particular keep your eye out for 100 percent bars for the truly serious from Soma, Pacari, and Fruition.

The Meadow is located at 523 Hudson Street between W. 10th Street and Charles Street in the West Village (212- 645-4633,


Bedford Cheese Shop Cheese and chocolate go together like peanut butter and nutella, which is to say, pretty well. That’s why this Williamsburg shop carries obscene amounts of both. If you want to stay local to Brooklyn, try Mast Brothers, Cacao Prieto, Fine & Raw, or Raaka. Or branch out to other amazing American makers like Amano, Fruition, and Rogue, whose quirky maker eats Snickers bars regularly.

Bedford Cheese Shop has two locations: 67 Irving Place between E. 18th Street and E. 19th Street in the Flatiron (718-599-7588, and 229 Bedford Avenue between N. 4th Street and N. 5th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-599-7588,


2Beans Walk into this Midtown coffee bar and chocolate shop and you might just lose it over the rows and rows of chocolate bars, candies, truffles, and more. Try the classic French maker Chocolat Bonnat, the new It makers Marou Chocolate out of Vietnam, and the solar-powered Grenada Chocolate Company, founded by an American wanderer and visionary named Mott Greene.

2Beans is located at 100 Park Avenue between E. 40th Street and E. 41st Street in Midtown (212-937-8914,

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ABC Carpet and Home So much more than a carpet or furniture store, ABC also carries a pretty good selection of craft chocolate. Find the usual Brooklyn suspects as well as Dandelion Chocolate out of San Francisco and a new maker called ZenBunni who produces “biodynamic chocolate.”

ABC Carpet and Home is located at 888 Broadway between E. 18th Street and E. 19th Street in the Flatiron (212-473-3000,


Chelsea Market Baskets Amid all the high-end culinary goodies, find a solid selection of bean-to-bar chocolate (as well as truffles, candies, and other delights). In particular check out the bars from French maker Pralus, raw chocolate from Brooklyn maker Fine & Raw, and gritty chocolate from Taza, which grinds its beans the traditional Mexican way, using giant stones with secret, hand-made carvings.

Chelsea Market Baskets is located in Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Avenue between W. 15th Street and W. 16th Street in Chelsea (212-727-1111,


Brooklyn Fare It seems totally reasonable and predictable that a grocery store would carry chocolate, right? But even at Whole Foods, most of the time you’re limited to one or two craft bars and a wide selection of the mass-produced stuff. This place is different. Find many of the makers mentioned above as well as Askinosie Chocolate, which shares profits with its Tanzanian farmers, many of whom are so poor that they’ve never even tasted a chocolate bar.

Brooklyn Fare has two locations: 431 W. 37th Street between Dyer Avenue and 10th Ave. in Midtown (212-216-9700, and 200 Schermerhorn Street between Hoyt Street and Bond Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn (718-243-0050,


Foragers Market Hit up this Chelsea area farm-to-table restaurant and specialty shop next time you’re seriously craving chocolate. Go for Pennsylvania maker Nathan Miller as well as hard-to-find Potomac Chocolate. And don’t miss Dick Taylor Chocolate, whose labels and hipster image challenge the Mast Brothers for the reigning heavyweight title.

Foragers Market has two locations: 56 Adams Street between Front Street and Water Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn (718-801-8400, and 300 W. 22nd Street between 8th Avenue and Ninth Avenue in Chelsea (212-243-8883,


BKLYN Larder After you load up on cheese, charcuterie, and cutesy home goods, check out the chocolate selection at this Flatbush locale. Find many makers mentioned above as well as Olive & Sinclair, out of Nashville, and hard-to-find treats from Taza like chocolate-covered almonds and cashews.

BKLYN Larder is located at 228 Flatbush Avenue between St. Marks Avenue and Bergen Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-783-1250,


Campbell Cheese & Grocery Yet another cheese shop with a killer selection, this Williamsburg area store boasts brands like Compartes out of Los Angeles and Antidote out of Brooklyn, which makes raw chocolate that’s more like a health food than a sinful indulgence.

Campbell Cheese & Grocery is located at 502 Lorimer Street between Powers Street and Ainslie Street in Williamsburg (718-387-2267,


Astoria Bier & Cheese This Queens specialty shop carries much more than just the namesake beer and cheese. Think a small but sturdy selection of craft chocolate brands, including Mast Brothers, Dick Taylor and Askinosie.

Astoria Bier & Cheese is located at 3414 Broadway between 34th Street and 35th Street in Queens (718-545-5588,

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