Comfort food feels like a warm hug for the soul on chilly, dark days. But it’s not necessarily the butter, meat, and dairy that make these meals so cozy. Vegan versions of the classics, like mac ’n’ cheese and crispy chicken, capture the nostalgia-inducing magic of their conventional counterparts without all the heaviness. Talk about a win-win.

You don’t have to brave the cold to satisfy your cravings for decadence, though. Gothamist and Grubhub have teamed up to highlight five of the best plant-based comfort foods in Manhattan you can get delivered to your door—no hat and gloves required. Plus, the Grubhub Guarantee offers peace of mind that you’ll get your food delivered on time and at the lowest price.

Kick off the holiday season on a somewhat healthy note with these drool-worthy comfort foods.


Developed by the team behind Los Angeles vegan hot spot Little Pine, Belse is a relative newcomer to the Manhattan dining scene, but it’s already leaving diners impressed with its menu of deeply satisfying plant-based comfort food. Vegan or not, you’ll love the lasagna. The chef traces the roots of this stand-out dish to a recipe that dates back generations. It features layer upon layer of al dente lasagna noodles bathed in ruby-red tomato sauce, housemade almond ricotta, and curls of cashew-based Parmesan cheese. Topped with vegan bolognese, this lasagna is love at first bite.

Ordering just the lasagna isn’t enough to experience Belse’s greatness, though. You also need to try the panko-crusted piccata—a well-seasoned piece of plant-based “chicken” that’s perfectly crisp and drizzled with a vodka-wine sauce. It’s accompanied by seared broccolini and smashed red potatoes for maximum coziness. Get yourself Belse’s cookies & oat milk dessert delivered through Grubhub to end the meal on an ultra-high note.

Belse is located at 265 Bowery — Order Now

Urban Vegan Kitchen

If comfort food was a royal family, mac ’n’ cheese would be its crowned king. The combination of chewy elbow noodles and ooey-gooey cheese sauce always reigns supreme—even if there’s not an ounce of dairy in the dish. Need proof? Head to Grubhub and place an order for Urban Vegan Kitchen’s plant-based mac ’n’ cheese. Smothered in cashew cheese sauce, this mac is delightfully tangy and comes in that sunshiny color you remember from your childhood. But don’t expect it to be plain. Urban Vegan Kitchen elevates the dish with herbed bread crumb topping and optional shiitake bacon for a smokey crunch. This is comfort food grown up.

Urban Vegan Kitchen is located at 41 Carmine St. — Order Now

Blossom on Columbus

Blossom has been a vegan mainstay in Manhattan for more than 15 years—and it’s easy to see why when you try the Southern seitan sandwich from its Upper West Side restaurant. The delicate crunch of the spiced seitan, the earthy sweetness of the caramelized onions, the freshness of the avocado and romaine, and the airiness of the focaccia combine to make a supremely scrumptious sandwich, tied together with a generous smear of chipotle aioli. The sandwich comes with a side of your choice, and while the field greens might be healthier, we recommend the hand-cut fries, instead. You won’t regret it.

If grilled cheese and tomato soup is closer to your personal style of comfort food, Blossom on Columbus can take care of your cravings. Its vegan grilled cheese sandwich comes fully loaded with tempeh bacon and red onion for a flavor boost. Dunk the corners in the silky smooth tomato-eggplant soup to induce the warm-and-cozies.

Blossom on Columbus is located at 507 Columbus Ave. — Order Now

P.S. Kitchen

Think you can’t get the luscious, creamy goodness of alfredo without dairy? Then you haven’t been to P.S. Kitchen, a plant-based restaurant in the Theater District. It relies on cashews to create its vegan alfredo, resulting in a luxuriously rich sauce that’s arguably even more delicious than its conventional dairy-filled counterpart. You won’t find traditional fettuccine under this fancy sauce, though. Instead, P.S. Kitchen gently folds it into a generous helping of orzo to give it a risotto-like consistency, then tops it with broccolini and a dollop of sun-dried tomato pesto for a holiday-hued dish. Take the comfort factor of this dish to the next level by adding on crispy vegan chicken.

P.S. Kitchen is dedicated to offering a plant-based fix to comfort food cravings, but that’s not the restaurant’s only mission. It aims to make a difference in breaking the cycle of poverty by donating 100 percent of its profits to sustainable charitable work—just in case you needed a good excuse to get the alfredo orzo delivered to your door over and over again.

P.S. Kitchen is located at 246 W. 48th St. — Order Now

Red Bamboo

No matter what style of comfort food you prefer, you can probably find it at Red Bamboo. This Greenwich Village restaurant has somehow found a way to veganize beloved dishes from around the world, from crab rangoon and jerk-spiced seitan to fake steak with buttered fingerling potatoes. But fair warning: You might work up a hearty appetite just scrolling through Red Bamboo’s extensive menu on Grubhub. It offers more than 80 dishes—not including sides, drinks, and desserts—so you face a challenge trying to figure out what to order on any given night.

Let us help you out by highlighting a few favorites. The sweet and sour chicken induces nostalgia for the indulgent food court meals you had as a teenager hanging out at the mall. The Creole soul chicken entree with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy are just like grandma makes (sans the meat, of course). And the four different types of fried rice (garlic-scallion, pineapple-seafood, ginger-chicken, and classic veggies) exemplify simple comfort food at its finest.

Red Bamboo is located at 140 W. 4th St. — Order Now

Whether you’ll eat anything or you’ve got strict dietary restrictions, you can find some seriously indulgent plant-based comfort food through Grubhub. And perhaps the ultimate comfort is knowing your order is backed by the Grubhub Guarantee. It ensures that your food will be delivered on time—or they’ll make it right.