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There are several competing origin stories about how Hell's Kitchen got its name--one of which involves Davy Crocket, of all people--but no matter which you believe, we can all agree that the neighborhood doesn't actively earn its moniker these days. Lots of new residential development, quick access to the great Hudson River Park, and a thriving LGBTQ+ community have made the area on Manhattan's west side an appealing option for young professionals and families.

Plus, of course, there are the rows and rows of restaurants and bars on the neighborhood's bustling avenues. Some of these exist purely to lure in the tourists from the Broadway Theater District and Times Square--and, as such, have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic--but most of the countless places to eat in Hell's Kitchen, especially up in the 50s, are small businesses eager to serve the locals.

The array of cuisines readily available around here right now is extraordinary, from the dozen or so Thai spots on Ninth Avenue alone to Peruvian, Colombian, and Cuban comfort food, hearty Uzbek and Afghan fare, some of the city's best Japanese ramen, Mexican food, and, of course, plenty of pizza. Here, then, is a quick look at a few of the Hell's Kitchen restaurants we like best, all of which, if you just feel like staying home and being cozy tonight, are happy to deliver right to your door via Grubhub.

Three Roosters

There are lots of very good, well-established Thai restaurants along Ninth Avenue, but don't sleep on the stylish newcomer Three Roosters, which opened about a year ago near 53rd Street and pretty much only serves chicken, albeit prepared three different, and equally delicious, ways. The lemongrass-infused Grilled Chicken is seasoned the way "the famous Aunt Noi" did it for 30 years when she served her bird from a cart outside of the high school attended by the members of the Three Roosters team. The Poached Chicken, or Khao-Mun-Gai, is remarkably tender and juicy. And the seriously crackling Fried Chicken arrives hacked up and ready to be dunked in chili sauce. Get any of them as a platter with sticky rice and rich broth, and/or with a pile of well-seasoned Zab Fries, and you have a perfect homey supper that you don't have to leave home to enjoy.

Right next door to Three Roosters is longtime neighborhood star Wondee Siam, with a full menu of Thai curry, pan-fried noodles, meat and seafood concoctions, and an array of soups that include an excellent Tom Ka. Pure Thai Cookhouse is another popular spot, featuring lots of different noodle and wok stir-fry dishes.

Three Roosters is located at 792 Ninth Avenue -- Order Now


It always feels like a party at the beloved Cuban restaurant Guantanamera on Eighth Avenue, with live music nightly (pre-pandemic, anyway), free-flowing mojitos, and a lengthy menu of classic Cuban comfort foods. The Ropa Vieja, or shredded skirt steak, is terrific here, as is the Lechon Asado (suckling pig in garlic sauce), the Arroz con Camarones, and, for dessert, both the Flan and the Tres Leches cake. There are also several first-rate sandwiches, including, of course, a Cubano, which all go nicely with the Sopa de Frijoles, or black bean soup. And it's easy to recreate the Guantanamera vibe in your home with the right Spotify playlist, plenty of rum, and a willingness to get up and dance.

For a different sort of sandwich, the reliably good mini-chain Meatball Shop has a Hell's Kitchen outpost on Ninth Avenue that, if you're craving a classic NYC Meatball Hero, definitely hits the spot (though the chicken balls on top of mashed potatoes might actually be our favorite thing here). And one of the city's greatest between-the-bread creations, the majestic Pig's Ass Sandwich, loaded with pulled pork, cheddar, ham, pickles, and chipotle aioli, can be yours from Casellula on West 52nd Street.

Guantanamera is located at 930 Eighth Avenue -- Order Now

Corner Slice

Some of the best pizza in Hell's Kitchen--and, really, in all of NYC--comes from an unlikely source: Ivan Orkin, the Jewish kid from Long Island who became a Japanese ramen master and, after conquering the noodle scene on the Lower East Side with his incomparable Ivan Ramen, opened this slice shop in 2017 over at Gotham West Market. Corner Slice, which is co-owned by chef Michael Bergmann, specializes in square pies and, as at many of today's new pizza places, the crust does much of the work here. It's basically like eating really great warm bread with melty things on top. The loaded-up pizzas are all delicious (Buffalo Chicken, Veggie Heaven, Spicy Salami, to name a few), but our all-time favorite slice here may be the simple Tomato, which is astonishingly bright and lively. There are also hero sandwiches available, like a Meatball Parm and a Cheesesteak. And because, at its core, Corner Slice is a bakery, the desserts are far better here than at your average slice joint.

The other great Hell's Kitchen slice-and-pie joint sits on a grungy corner by Port Authority, Noam Grossman's first location of Upside Pizza, which stars classic NYC folds. The Spicy Vodka slice, in particular, is superb. Another pizza option in the neighborhood are the individual-sized Neapolitan pies from B Side on West 51st Street, or, if you crave a more pasta-based Italian feast, Briciola, by the same owners, is also a solid choice.

Corner Slice is located at 600 Eleventh Avenue -- Order Now

Ippudo Westside

Ramen season is about to really start hitting hard, and, fortunately for everyone who lives in the neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen has an abundance of top-tier noodle houses that will deliver to your home. The best may be Ippudo Westside, because despite the mini-chain's years-long popularity (and subsequent long table waits), they still put a whole lot of love into their bowls of ramen, whether the rich, porky Tonkotsu served four ways (classic, spicy, modern, or miso), the lighter, chicken-based Shoyu, or the vegetarian "Nirvana." The menu of non-noodle appetizers is strong as well, led by the Pork Bun, the Chicken Wings, and the Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll. Get comfy on your couch and slurp away!

Almost as good as (and some would say better than) Ippudo is Totto Ramen, also on West 51st Street and known for its complex chicken-based Paitan (or, "milky") broth. The Vegetable Ramen is pretty wild here too, with its pile of raw and pickled veggies and mound of yuzu paste complemented nicely by a seaweed and shiitake broth. And don't forget Tabata Ramen on NInth Avenue down near 40th Street! Their fiery Tan Tan Ramen, filled with ground pork, is a real treat on a cold night.

Ippudo Westside is located at 321 West 51st Street -- Order Now

Empanada Mama

Our neighborhood go-to for a quick bite since the mid-aughts, Empanada Mama started with a smart but simple concept--make excellent empanadas, and stuff them with all kinds of fillings, both classic and creative--and has kept the quality high ever since. Everything is great here, so feel free to mix and match among varieties like Pernil, Cheese Corn, Desayuno Colombiano, Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chicken, Reggaeton... the list goes on and on. There are first-rate cheesy Arepas available too, as well as a decent bowl of Sancocho de Cola, the traditional Colombian oxtail soup. It's the perfect way to make everyone happy at your next home viewing party or, for that matter, any random Tuesday night family meal.

More South American-style comfort food can be had in Hell's Kitchen at Nelore Grill on Ninth Avenue, which used to be called Rice and Beans and still excels at Brazilian delights such as cheesy, chewy Pao de Queijo and Grilled Picanha, or sirloin steak served with black beans, yellow rice, and yucca fries. Or go Peruvian for a night and order from Inti over on Tenth Avenue, with a lengthy menu of bangers like Ceviche Mixto, Lomo Saltado, and Aji de Gallina.

Empanada Mama is located at 765 Ninth Avenue -- Order Now

Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen

Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen almost certainly wins the Hell's Kitchen Longest Restaurant Name trophy, but, thankfully, this no-frills spot on Eighth Avenue also makes a whole bunch of supremely satisfying food. The namesake Steamed Buns, or Xiao Long Bao, (or soup dumplings), are terrific, as are all the other dumplings, whether pan-fried and filled with pork or steamed and stuffed with fish. The ramen is also a good move here, though I prefer their nice-and-greasy stir-fry rendition to the more common, brothy noodle bowls. Get some Bubble Tea to add to the at-home fun.

For Sichuan-style noodles, or dry-pot Mao Cai "stews," try ordering from Chong Qing Noodle House on Ninth Avenue (the Mala Noodle with ground pork will warm you up in a hurry). And my favorite bakery in this part of the city is Bibble and Sip on West 51st Street, starring plump cream puffs and adorably decorated macarons and mini-cakes.

Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen is located at 811 Eighth Avenue -- Order Now

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