2005_08_food_bridgefresh.jpgEveryone wants what they don't have. And, when you live in Manhattan, there is little you don't have at your fingertips - especially food-wise.

Not so, in the outerboroughs - even where there is moolah to spare.

Case in point: the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO. Considering that the area can lay claim to several new über-expensive, luxury highrises under development, it sports only one small grocery outlet. Mind you, both Jacques Torres' chocolate shop and Almondine bakery are in the 'hood, but man cannot live on chocolate and baguette alone. (Or can he?)

Well, Gothamist has learned that changes are afoot. Capitalizing on the rich Yuppie fascination with healthy eats, a new, sizeable natural food store is under construction on Jay Street - Bridge Fresh. Will this be enough to satify DUMBO's hip, wealthy and elite? Somehow, Gothamist thinks that DUMBO residents won't be giving up their Fresh Direct accounts anytime soon - or deleting the chocolatier or baker's addresses from their Palm Pilots. That said, Gothamist will be there to report, once Bridge Fresh opens their doors.