2005_07_food_peconic.jpgYes, you read correctly. Gothamist has discovered the next best thing to come from Long Island since Mariah Carey . . . okay fine, since Entenmann's cakes (it’s like they are made with love). The find was made on a journey to the North Fork. We stumbled upon it since Harbes Farm was closed and we needed to drown away the sorrow that there would be no roasted corn dipped in hot butter on our trip (It pains Gothamist to even recount the horror).

We pulled up the dusty driveway to Peconic Bay Winery and it was there that we discovered the Peconic Bay Local Flavor White, $9.99 – a blend of Riesling and Chardonnay grapes. What makes this wine such a great find is the innovative blend of grapes. The result is a wine that brings together the best of both worlds. Gothamist loves the body and richness of Chardonnay but finds that it tends to fall flat on the palate. We love the fragrance and exotic flavors of a Riesling but sometimes they can lack depth and body. The Local Flavor White has all the richness and body of a Chardonnay but bursts with the bright fruit notes of a Riesling.

Before long we forgot about the corn (well mostly, until we thought "wow, corn would go really well with this wine") and enjoyed a bottle of the Local Flavor White on the patio of the vineyard listening to a guy on a piano rock out to Buffet and The Drifters. Each sip of the wine was refreshing and exciting and was gone way too quickly. We packed up our stuff and picked up a few bottles to take home. We can’t wait crack open a bottle and rekindle the memory of that fabulous day, but man, how great would it have been with corn?

-Local Flavor White can be purchased directly from the Peconic Bay webiste or at Chelsea Wine Vault in NYC.