Remember Bamn!, the automated eatery that sold grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers and donuts on St. Mark's Place a decade ago? It tried to reignite the auto-mat craze of yesteryear, albeit unsuccessfully outside of those cupcake vending machines. Now a West Coast transplant is hoping to do the same—only this time, with quinoa.

Eatsa debuted in San Francisco and Los Angeles last year, upgrading the nickel-in-slot formula by employing iPads for ordering. Patrons order their quinoa bowls through iPads on-site or through their phones, then wait for their names to be displayed on the cubbyhole containing their order. Take a look at the process here.

The menu for the first NYC location—which'll be arriving at 285 Madison Avenue, between 40th and 41st Street, sometime this fall—hasn't been revealed, but a San Francisco sample includes things like the Cantina Kale Salad, a Spice Market Bowl with yams and saag paneer, and a Chili con Quinoa. Ingredients, nutrition facts and serving style are all listed prior to ordering. The West Coast bowls are all priced under $7.

With the power bowl trend in full force, could the robot restaurateur be the next big thing? The restaurant debuted to huge lines in LA and New Yorkers love to queue.