2005_10_food_truffle.jpgWhite truffle season is upon us, so get our your wallets. It may not look like much more than an unappetizing lump, but according to National Geographic, "During the peak of the white truffle season, which typically runs from late October to early December, the tubers can fetch U.S. $1,200 to $2,300 a pound." Yes, they're expensive, but if you like black truffles, you'll absolutely flip over the white ones. Their earthy flavor permeates throughout any dish to which they're added, even in small quantities. Although in the wild, truffles are usually only found by trifolau, people who search with their trained truffle-sniffing dogs (there's actually a University of Truffle Hunting Dogs in Piedmont) to find the treasures in the woods of Italy, we've cut out the middleman and discovered several spots in New York where white truffles will be served. New York Magazine rounds up a few, including Italian grocery Sapori D’Ischia in Woodside, Queens, which is offering a $50 multi-course menu, each course featuring fresh white truffles, every Tuesday from October 18 through November 15, and Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, featuring a five couse menu for $290.

Piano Due is serving a seven course tasting menu featuring white truffles for $175, where each dish is finished with Piedmontese truffles, shaved tableside. 151 West 51st Street, 212-399-9400. Tre Dici's has added special
items to their menu, such as White Truffle Pizza with Ribiola Cheese ($25), Tagliolini with Truffles ($25), and Stuffed Veal Chop "Valdostana" with Truffles and Fontina Cheese ($40). Chef Giuseppe Fanelli will also add shaved truffles to any dish on the menu for $20. 128 West 26 Street, 212-243-8183. At Bruno Jamais, chef John
Keller is not only serving a White Truffle Risotto ($55 / $90) but will shave truffles onto any dish on the menu, from $30 up, depending on how much of a truffle lover you are. He'll also be creating a tasting menu devoted to truffles in the not-too-distant future, so start saving now.