A fireboat that doused flames in New York City's waterways since the '60s will be transformed into a floating restaurant next summer by the proprietors of Grand Banks, the oyster and cocktail bar aboard the historical F/V Sherman Zwicker schooner, Eater reports. Brothers Miles and Alex Pincus, along with Adrien Gallo, purchased the Fireboat Governor Alfred E. Smith earlier this month via the NYC Citywide Administrative Services, which routinely auctions off decommissioned FDNY boats in addition to other city-owned properties and goods.

According to public records, Gallo won the auction for "The Governor," as they're now calling it, on October 3rd, paying $34,800 for the boat "as is"/"where is." She's been sitting tight in the Brooklyn Navy since being placed on reserve over a decade ago, though was still fully functional when last used about a year ago. When sold, the 97-foot boat was deemed in "fair condition" but also "recently completed a 'stem to stern' restoration, is in museum quality condition."

Take a tour around the boat with this video.

Alfred E. Smith, a four time Governor of New York and onetime democratic nominee for President in 1928, was a staunch opponent of Prohibition, which was a contributing factor in his terrible loss to Herbert Hoover, who even won (narrowly) in New York State. He would likely approve of his new life helping New Yorkers get a load on.

With a few seasons to go before The Governor's ready to accept passengers, there still aren't many details about the kind of operation they'll have on board, though Grand Banks is known for oysters, small plates and drinks. And though the boat's capable of hitting 11 knots, one thing's certain: her days of prowling the waterways of New York City are behind her. Unlike spots like The Water Table, which take diners on a little cruise, she'll be docked for service just like her sister.