Out of all Taco Bell's excellent creations, the Crunchwrap Supreme reigns...well, supreme. Which must be why Jordan Andino, chef and owner of West Village Filipino spot 2nd City created an homage to the most perfect of stoner foods at his new Upper East Side restaurant Flip Sigi.

Known as the "F.U.C Me"—"Filipino Underground Crunch Warp"—on the menu, the creation favors short rib over the Bell's ground beef, further filling the flour tortilla with another fried tortilla, kimchi fried rice, Mexican cheese, lettuce, and salsas. There's no value menu here, so a ride on the Crunchwrap will run you $12.95.

Andino's homage to 420 continues with the rest of the menu, most of which has been vetted at the downtown original. There's the Pass The Bowl ($9.95), a more healthful option of quinoa, mango, avocado, scallion and cilantro with a choice of some kind of fish or meat for an extra $4.95. Order Nice Buns ($7.95) and you'll be served two fried pork belly bao with pickles, scallions and BBQ sauce.

And like they are at the original location, the tacos here are Bi-Curious ($7.95) and available in short rib, chicken adobo or fish form.

Draft beers and a Calamansi Margarita are part of the beverage options.

1752 2nd Avenue; 2ndcityusa.com

Flip Sigi - UES Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd