Ward for NY Daily NewsAnd since we're on the subject of Red Hook, today's New York Daily News profiles the Red Hook Farm, a 2.5 acre farm providing fresh organic produce to the neighborhood along with gardening, cooking, marketing, and teamwork skills to local teens.

The farm is run by Added Value, a non-profit whose mission is "to promote the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders." These future leaders participate in the farming and manage some of the farm stalls at the Red Hook Farmer's Market, which supplies restaurants like 360, featured in Eating In, with locally-grown vegetables and herbs.

In fact, Erhart [of 360] serves only Added Value greens, which are proudly promoted on the menu. It helps bring attention to the farm and prompt discussion of local food, says Erhart. "A menu should serve several purposes," he adds, "and that's one of them."

Gothamist is a big fan of sustainable agriculture, and we encourage you to visit the Red Hook Farmers Market, the Borough Hall Greenmarket, or other farmers markets near you, and if you don't have a local market, try a CSA.


- 360, 360 Van Brunt St., (718) 246-0360
- Red Hook Farmers Market I, Red Hook Farm, Sigourney and Columbia Sts., Saturdays 9-3 p.m., (718) 855-5531
- Red Hook Farmers Market II, Red Hook Senior Center, Dwight and Walcott Sts., Wednesdays 11-1 p.m., (718) 855-5531