Walter White ascended to that big meth lab in the sky two years ago when Breaking Bad concluded, but Heisenberg will live on at a Greenpoint coffee shop if enough people fund this Kickstarter. Walter's Coffee Roastery, which its founders refer to as the "first coffee lab in the world," first opened in Istanbul and could potentially open on Franklin Street in April of next year, according to DNAinfo. Yeah, bitch!

The shop will "micro roast" beans to ensure optimal freshness and the shop will utilize the latest coffee-brewing gadgets, a nod to Gale Boetticher's obsessive brewing machine. Besides the beans, the shop will serve some food—"homemade bagels, nutella-tastic cookies, crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes"—and offer WiFi for working. Like its Turkish counterpart, the shop will likely be decked out in periodic tables, the coffee will come in glass beakers and the staff will wear those bright yellow jumpsuits while roasting.

The team has 22 days left in their campaign with the hopes of raising $55,000 to open the roastery. If you need inspiration to open your wallet, direct your attention to this helpful list, which recounts all the times coffee played a role in Breaking Bad. Mike Ehrmantraut is such a badass.