Bad news for Lombardi's fans, because they're getting sued by former deliverymen. The lawsuit filed on April 5th accuses Lombardi's of skirting the minimum wage requirements and instead paid them by shift. The wages worked out to about $2.86 - $3.05 an hour. Pittance for the poor deliverymen! At that rate, they could only afford a pie at Lombardi's during their 100th anniversary special.

Lombardi's has the honor of laying claim to being America's first pizza store, but until taking a look at the lawsuit, we didn't know that it's actually "Pizza of 32 Spring Street, Inc" and only doing business as Lombardi's Pizza. Slice has got the full complaint on their site. The plaintiffs are asking for unpaid wages, interest, and liquidated damages in the amount of 25%. Worst case in our minds - the plaintiffs win the case, get the name Lombardi's and start opening up stores around the city, much like those "Patsy's" locations. But that's a little too Seinfeldian, no?