When I was 24, the extent of my bandwidth as a human being mostly consisted of holding down two bartending jobs and wondering whether any cute guys might drop in during my shift. Which is why I'm impressed that anyone in their early 20s would have the wherewithal to invest in any kind of business, let alone the finicky restaurant industry that chews up and spits out bright eyed and bushy tailed newcomers as easily as it does crusty, seasoned veterans. But that's just what Millie Stallings, newly-minted restaurateur and person of 24 years has done with her new eponymous restaurant that opened Tuesday on the Lower East Side.

It's not surprising Stallings would enter the hospitality industry. She's the daughter of hotelier Paul Stallings, who owns Hotel on Rivington and the Clinton Street building that now houses his daughter's restaurant, Minnie's on Clinton. (Minnie is her childhood nickname.) Stallings, one of six children who grew up in NYC, also enlisted her mother in the process. "It was always sort of my dad's thing over there, and my mom and I would always say, 'one day, we'll have a girls restaurant, and it will be perfect,'" Stallings recalled to WWD.

The mother-daughter duo designed and executed much of the interior decor themselves, basing the blue and gray color scheme off Stallings's childhood home in SoHo. Enormous windows let the light in on the female form, which shows up on hand-made pillows with nude figures by illustrator Angela McKay, and a painting by Italian artist Dina de Brozzi that depicts two young women in an embrace.

The cuisine offers "a little bit of something for everyone"—a nod to pleasing a family of eight all at one time—to be executed by Chef John Keller. It's an approachable new American menu of proteins like a 1/2 cooked salmon ($24) with pickled vegetables and salsa verde; farro pearls ($11) with spring peas, tomatoes, sugar snaps, and radishes seasoned with lemon and mint; and "John's Burger & Fries" ($17) made from ground brisket and topped with fontina, onion compote and pork belly on toasted brioche.

Bright pink birthday cake and cookies made by Stallings's sister Cooper add a twee touch to the established preciousness. To top it all off: the check presenters are books from Stallings's childhood.

29 Clinton Street, 646-726-4245; minniesonclinton.com