Caffeine can cure your hangover, save your life and make your colleagues moderately tolerable at 9 a.m., and now some Canadian weirdos are taking it away from us. A caffeine-free coffee shop is popping up inside the shuttered BP gas station before the area is converted into an office building. Swiss Water invites us to "experience the Art of Coffee Without Caffeine," also known as MoTP: Museum of Tired People.

The monthlong pop-up, which begins tonight, involves a "sensory experience" of the company's caffeine-free espresso, drip and cold brew coffees, which they purport to make without the use of chemicals. The resulting product is 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% not for people just trying to get through the day without collapsing under their desks. Live musical accompaniment has also been promised on select nights, which should be marginally more stimulating than these fake coffee drinks.

[h/t EV Grieve]