Video by Jessica Leibowitz

The rattling carts stacked with steaming baskets of dumplings and buns, the clink of lids atop fragrant pots of tea, the decoration of the bill denoting each of the many rounds of dishes: dim sum is a feast for all of the senses.

But for a first timer, the system for navigating all the sensory overload can be confusing. Dim sum restaurants don't always offer a menu unless it's for kitchen items like soups, rice and noodles. Dumplings often hide their contents inside opaque wrappers, and shy persons might feel awkward asking a million questions about what's inside.

Fear not! With a little pre-meal research you can determine the types of dishes you might want to eat and with our explainer video filmed at Manhattan Chinatown's Jing Fong, guided by Eric Chung, you can go forth with confidence.

Let's go yum cha!