090208bushwickbeergarden.JPGBushwick residents Jan VanDamme and Paul Nicholson surely weren't the first roommates with an ambitious dream of transforming their apartment into something special, but hot damn if the duo didn't follow through on it. As the story goes on their website, last April Nicholson "walked into the backyard of his Harman St. first floor apartment and stated, 'We have to build a beer garden.' Without a word, Jan nodded. The next three months would be an intensive whirlwind of wood gathering, sawing, digging, screwing and idea entertaining."

The result, achieved with approval from their landlord but not the State Liquor Authority, is a little Brooklyn beer oasis that seats 37 people on built-in benches and garden chairs. Bushwickbk recently stopped by for a round and admired the hanging candles and the wooden bar, which is on a raised deck with high stools and a backdrop of ivy and hanging glass mugs. The roommies even made their own crest for the Bushwick Beer Garden; it resembles a shield of ancient Europe, divided into quadrants with paintings of things specific to this beer garden.

So what are the hours? Well, technically, this isn't an actual bar; you do have to be escorted through four locked doors to get in. But Bushwick locals who want to check it out can keep an eye on the website for more parties before summer ends. And a preemptive note to the haters: It's okay to be jealous!