Bring an appetite and some singles to Queens this Sunday, when the 5th annual Momo Crawl unfolds once again in Jackson Heights. The annual dumpling event, which showcases the many types of momo, or Himalayan dumpling, offers a walk-around tour of the neighborhood with stops for $1 dumplings at food carts and restaurants along the way. At the end: one momo maker will take home the Momo Trophy, as voted on by attendees.

Last year, food truck Amdo Kitchen took home first place for their top-knotted beef momo, and the year prior, it was Phayul, who also offer top-knotted momo with meat and vegetarian fillings. Momo are either served plainly steamed or sauteed in a special sauce, depending on who's doing the making.

The crawl begins at 2 p.m. at Diversity Plaza (37th Road / 73rd Street), where you'll purchase a $5 Momo Map that outlines all of the momo makers. Participants have until 5 p.m. to eat as many of the dollar creations as they can before it's time to return to the start to vote. In the interim, there'll be free tattoos and "momo hairdos," plus $1 momo henna and live peroformances.