Have you noticed? It's hot. And humid. This is our life now. Let's get drunk.

The Peche-y Keen at Pouring Ribbons (Jenny Adams)

Summer is for citrus and stone fruit, and the two find a happy marriage at East Village cocktail spot Pouring Ribbons. The fruity notes of Knappogue Castle 12 year are accented by white vermouth, lemon juice and Giffard Creme de Peche in the Peche-y Keen ($15). The quartet are shaken with simple syrup and topped with club soda to transport the citrus oils from the lemon garnish via bubbles into your nose.

We tackled frozen wine earlier this season but there's always room for one more. Davio's Manhattan has whipped up their own Frose ($14) in a multitude of fruity flavors. Rotari Rose can be combined with whatever sorbet they've got fresh that day, like a blueberry version topped with raspberries and thyme or another with mango and mint.

Banana Snaquiri at Kings County Imperial

Frozen drinks like daiquiris and pina coladas are a popular summertime cool down and Williamsburg's Kings County Imperial has their own version to pair with their savory Chinese cooking. This summer, they're serving an off-menu Banana Snaquiri ($12) loaded with rum and banana like many a good daiquiri. Lime syrup and velvet falurnum are also added to the mix, which is blended and garnished with sliced banana. Diners may even luck out with a gratis version once they've successfully cleaned their plates.

The Up & Up, one of 2015's best new bar offerings, steers clear of more traditional summertime staples, instead choosing to embrace the season's darker notes. The Disco Volante ($15) hits bitter notes with Aperol, herbal notes with Aviation Gin, anisette notes with absinthe and citrus notes with lemon juice. The cocktail's actually a milk punch, meaning there's clarified milk in there, too, just don't expect anything creamy in your coup.

Coquito at Añejo Tribeca (Brendan Burke)

Those who prefer to drink both their alcohol and dessert should try a Coquito—the popular Puerto Rican coconut drink—that they're serving at Añejo Tribeca. While the drink is traditional made with rum, the restaurant's employing tequila for their version, combining El Tesoro Reposado with coconut milk, coconut water and Coco Lopez, plus clarified lime, vanilla syrup and a Demerara sugar syrup. This shaken cocktail comes served over ice with sprigs of fresh mint and grated nutmeg on top.

In addition to having some seriously outrageous nachos, La Contenta on the LES shakes up some delicious agave-based drinks, including a menu of special margaritas like the Mezcal Avocado Margarita. Think of it a bit like drinkable, boozy guacamole: Milagro silver tequila is mixed with Montelobos and Joven mezcals, then combined with cucumber juice, jalapeno-infused agave syrup, lime juice and an avocado puree. For balance: a pinch of cilantro is added, too.

Tropical Triple at Social Drink & Food (Michael Tulipan)

We've known about the fruit-forward Tropical Triple ($26) drink since Social Drink & Food opened its rainbow rooftop in May. But anything served inside a pineapple is worth revisiting, especially when that pineapple is filled with Flor de Caña rum, pineapple and coconut syrups, pineapple juice, Peychauds’ bitters and a house "tiki tincture." Pair the multi-person cocktail with a Hawaiian pizza to complete the tropical immersion.

Also for the rooftop set is the Green Tea Honey ($18) at Midtown West cocktail lounge The Skylark. This frozen drink employs Tito's Vodka to bind together a double dose of caffeine from both green tea and matcha. Honey and citrus are added for balance and brightness, with a lime wedge garnish helping keep your straw from floating away.

Mia Wallace at The Garret East

In extreme heat, milk might be a bad choice, but that won't stop The Garret East from employing some in their Mia Wallace cocktail (the air conditioning helps). The Pulp Fiction-inspired drink uses two types of milk—regular and sweetened condensed—to make a frothy drink reminiscent of more innocent options like a milkshake. Cacao-infused cachaça and Montenegro Amaro bring it full circle into adult territory. Stop by their excellent back room eatery dinnertable pre- or post-cocktail.