In case you hadn't noticed, it's going to be hot AF this week (and possibly forever), and even though science tells us to do the opposite, many of us will be reaching for something icy cold after work. We've taken a look at frozen beverages before, but now we're focusing specifically on wine that's been given the icy treatment. Below, a few places to slurp down frozen wine cocktails on a sultry, sweaty evening.

Extra Fancy (Facebook)

EXTRA FANCY This Williamsburg go-to has a highbrow cocktail program for a place that channels a New England seafood shack, including their popular Frozémonade, which they serve all year long. As the name might suggest, this is a rosé-based offering, combined with lemonade and whipped into a frothy, frozen treat. It's tart, refreshing and disturbingly easy to drink, especially in their new backyard bar. 302 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg

THERAPY WINE BAR Don't confuse rosé—the universal wine of summer—with the frozen signature drink offered up at this Bed-Stuy wine bar. The Concrete Rose is actually a solidified slushy Shiraz, despite its confusing name. Still, for $13, you get one tasty alcoholic dessert—pair with a cheese platter and prepare to suffer the most delicious brain freeze of all time. (Rebecca Fishbein) 364 Lewis Avenue, Bedford Stuyvesant

Hotedl Tortuga (Via Foursquare)

HOTEL TORTUGA Hotel Tortuga is one of my favorite East Village burrito spots, with its quick service, decent food, and self-serve chip basket. But it's the Frozen Sangria that's had me coming back time and time again. $5.50 gets you a glass full of dark-red slush that's simultaneously tart and sweet, and dotted with very-chewable frozen blueberries. A half pitcher runs $13 and a pitcher runs $24—hangover-fighting Advil not included. (Rebecca Fishbein) 246 East 14th Street, East Village

CHILO'S This chill Bed-Stuy bar has a permanent taco truck attached to it, always a good thing, and two frozen drink machines constantly turning for the season. There are margaritas, of course, but they also do a tasty version of Frozé, made with rosé wine, fresh grapefruit, white rum and honey. Park yourself at a picnic bench out back and order up some huilacotche tacos, which we're told are some of the city's best. 323 Franklin Avenue, Bed-Stuy

Sweet Revenge (Facebook)

SWEET REVENGE Cupcakes are the main event at this Carmine Street dessert and wine bar, but they also satisfy lushes with a Frozen Wine Slushy ($12) or "Vino Granitas," as they call them. The place specializes in pairing desserts with booze, so pick a flavor—Raspberry, Blueberry Mango, Citron Lime, Sunset, Sunrise—then ask which of their myriad flavors works best to join. 62 Carmine Street, West Village

CEMITAS EL TIGRE What to do if you don't have spirits for your margaritas? Make them with agave wine! This Sunnyside Mexican sandwich spot doesn't let a lack of liquor prevent them from serving a Frozen Margarita with Agave Wine ($8), wine made from webber blue agave, the same plant that makes tequila. The fortified variety of this type of wine can reach 24% ABV, so don't think you're getting out of there without a bit of of a buzz. 45-14 48th Avenue, Sunnyside

(STK Rooftop)

GANSEVOORT PARK AVENUE and STK ROOFTOP If the fancy rooftop bar scene calls to you, Gansevoort Park Avenue has a Frosé of sparkling wine served with a scoop of frozen rosé sorbet topped with fresh fruit that they're offering throughout the hotel. Similarly—and bending the genre a bit, if we're being honest—STK Rooftop's Frozé ($18) is a flute of rosé Chandon with a scoop of raspberry sorbet that they make in-house. 420 Park Ave South, Flatiron // 26 Little West 12th Street, Meatpacking District

TORO NYC A trio of sangrias are on offer at this Chelsea tapas spot, all of which can be transformed into Sangria Slushies ($14) if the mood strikes. Beverage director Caitlin Doonan is doing a Red Sangria with Tempranillo, orange curacao, lemon and Luxardo Triplum; a Rosé Sangria with roseé, pomegranate liquor, Elderflower and lemon; and a White Sangria with Manzanilla, St. Germain, grapefruit and lemon. Perfect sippers alongside pinchos like salted Spanish almonds and Tortilla Española. 85 10th Avenue, Chelsea