Just because you didn't run the NYC marathon this weekend doesn't mean you're not entitled to recovery carboloading. And now you have nationally recognized permission do so: Today is Election National Sandwich Day, and sandwich peddlers around the city are offering sweet, sweet deals the better to help you commemorate John Montagu's groundbreaking idea to take stuff and put it between slices of processed wheat.

  • Along with National Sandwich Day, Alidoro is celebrating one year in business at its Midtown branch with 50% off of all its sandwiches. The discount only applies to customers dining in house, so stretch the limits of your 30-minute lunch break and go claim what's rightfully yours.

  • Where once your $9-10 would get you 7-8 inches worth of fluffy oblong comfort, Boerum Hill lunchery Boomwich will increase the size of its heroes to 11 inches today without upping the price. Boomwich also has two specials available for today only: the Maraconi and Cheese Briscuit christens Coca Cola-braised meat with mac and cheese, house-made sweet potato chips, pineapple chutney, and barbecue aioli. And "for the vegetarians out there," the Crunchy Crispy Avocado features feta, roasted red pepper, pickled red onion, and shallots.
  • While No. 7 Sub unfortunately doesn't plan on saving you any money, their flagship store in the Ace Hotel is featuring a "guest sandwich" each week from shops around the country for the month of November. This week, it's the Oregon Albacore Tuna Melt ($11.75) from Bunk Sandwiches: Olive Oil, Balsamic, Dijon, Pickles and Cheddar. $1 from every sandwich sold will be donated to Share Our Strength, an organization that fights child hunger.

Jerk Chicken Po' Boy (via Facebook)

  • At both their classy Broome Street cocktail lounge and their lively Bowery beer bar, the good people of the Randolph Group have blessed the public with half off their jerk chicken po' boys, making the sammies just $7.50.
  • Philly-style hoagies are going for $8 at Dave's Hoagies in the Financial District, a 30% markdown from their usual $11 range.

  • For those in the know, which now includes you, Williamsburg's Drive In Sandwiches promises 10% off to customers who name-drop National Sandwich Day.

  • Mayhem & Stout's jalapeno, chile, and picante supergroup "The Spicy Pig" is not for the faint of heart, but brave souls can test their mettle for only $5 today.

  • It's been a tough month for the fast food sandwich chain, but mediocre sub overlord Subway is embracing Sandwich Day with full force. The footlong impostor is offering a free sandwich "of equal or lesser value" to customers who buy a 30 ounce drink and a sub of either 6 or "12" inches. The deal is marketed as "Buy One, Give One" to remind us all of the bygone virtue of portion control.