We love our doughnuts in this city, whether yeast or cake, vegan or not—just don't make them low fat. Today, a celebration of those doughnuts taking the city's game to the next level; the kind of doughnuts that are (almost) too beautiful to eat. Tell us where your favorite Instagram-worthy creations are to be found.

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EVERYTHING DOUGHNUT FROM DOUGHNUT PROJECT This Everything Bagel-Doughnut hybrid delivers on every level: salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy and utterly addictive. Doughnut Project—who are fast becoming NYC's doughnut innovators—are using regular yeast doughnuts topped with a layer of sweet cream cheese glaze, the glue that'll hold on a scattering of oven-roasted black sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds, pepitas and sea salt.

The Doughnut Project is located at 10 Morton Street, 212-691-5000; website

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There's no option to leave this Astoria restaurant anything other than pants-busting full, especially if a Sunday brunch excursion includes one of the insane donuts they're making courtesy of Donut Diva Montana D'Alessio. Order the Lucky Charms Donut ($4.50) and you'll be presented with a cake doughnut dripping with a sticky marshmallow cream glaze, into which bits of Lucky Charms cereal—regular bits included!—have been pressed. The crowning jewel on many of their donut offerings: a donut hole, similarly adorned, nesting on top of the donut itself.

Queen Comfort is located at 40-09 30 Avenue in Astoria, Queens, 718-728-2350; website

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GOLDEN CRISTAL UBE DONUT FROM MANILLA SOCIAL CLUB Ube, purple yam, serves as a humble base for what is arguably NYC's least humble donut. The Filipino resaurant in Williamsburg that serves these $100 beauties touts the "combination" of the "honey" notes of Cristal complementing the ube, which in turns go well with the 24-karat gold that lacquers the pastry. Plus, they'll only charge you $1,000 if you order a dozen; what a deal!

Manilla Social Club is located at 2 Hope Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 384-4396; website

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MAPLE WAFFLE DONUT FROM UNDERWEST DONUTS The only donut shop located inside a car wash is also serving one of the best new donuts around with their Maple Waffle offering ($3). Per Quick Bites columnist Scott Lynch: "Moist, sugary-glazed and evocative of my childhood visits to Southern Vermont, topped with crisp crumbles of stroopwafel, this little beauty would add an unacceptable amount of calories to my week if it were more readily accessible." Sold.

Inside Westside Highway Car Wash, 638 West 47th Street in Hell's Kitchen; website


After over half a century in Bay Ridge, Leske's has firmly established itself in the culinary fabric of the neighborhood. They're beloved for their black and white cookies, their Kringlers and pecan rings and, of course, their Maple Glazed Bacon Doughnuts ($1.75). Pillowy yeast doughnuts are topped with a sweet maple glaze that accentuates the smokiness of the bounty of bacon bits on top. Bacon on doughnuts isn't a newfangled creation, but Leske's is making one of the best versions in NYC and beyond.

Leske's is located at 7612 Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 718-680-2323; website

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NORBERWEIBERBERWEIBERHYDRAFAB AT CINNAMON SNAIL A tip of the hat to anyone who tries to pronounce this insane vegan creation from the doughnut and wallaby enthusiasts at the Cinnamon Snail. This cruelty-free little creature is glazed with white chocolate, topped with dirty blonde streusel and stuffed to the brim with Makers Mark bourbon hazelnut ganache. Yes, there is bourbon in that doughnut.

The Cinnamon Snail is located at The Pennsy, 2 Penn Plaza; website

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THE EVERYTHING FROM GOSSIP COFFEE Everything here doesn't refer to bagel seasonings but rather the little bit of everything (glazes, toppings, etc.) that chef Scottish Francis (aka Francis Legge) has lying around the kitchen. They only offer this beautiful mess ($4.50) on Sundays, but offer other flavors like Orange Creamsicle and Prosciutto Guiness all the time.

Gossip Coffee is located at 37-04 30th Avenue, between 37th and 38th Streets, in Astoria, Queens, 718-440-8792; website