As you may have noticed from the way the surface of your skin is coated with grease like a sticky Cinnabon that's spent far too long boiling in the microwave, summer is officially upon us. Reverse hibernating in your air conditioned apartment is one possible solution; conversely, you can go out into the world and drink so many frozen margaritas that you don't even feel the heat anymore. It's as good a strategy as any, and to help we've rounded up some refreshing options to cool you down as the temperature goes up.

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Who says beers can't be frozen? Year-old Nolita Thai restaurant Uncle Boons serves a Frozen Beer Slushie ($7) every bit as refreshing as their fruity counterparts. Served in cute pewter mugs for DIY pouring or with swizzle straws straight from the bottle, these Chang and Singha frozen beers are as fun to play with as they are to drink. And drink, and drink, and drink...

Uncle Boons is located at 7 Spring Street, 646-370-6650; website

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There are about a dozen Thai restaurants in a three block radius in Hell's Kitchen—many of them bearing the Yum Yum moniker—but Yum Yum Too's Frozen Lychee Daiquiri ($8) is the one to go for. Mixed with fresh lychee juice and garnished with a whole lychee, this refreshing beverage is just what you need to cool off after a Citibike ride up to the HK. Don't worry, you'll get used to the squishy, eyeball-like texture of lychee.

Yum Yum Too is located at 662 9th Avenue, 212-247-2228; website

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Allow any and all faux-hipster irony at Otto's Shrunken Head to just move through you. From their frozen German Chocolate Cake to their Creme-A-Licious creamsicle (all $12), they've got some of the most creative frozen drinks in town. If creamy sweets aren't your thing, try the electric Blue Ice on for size. And while the interior is a little-cave like, just think of how great that air conditioning will feel after the long walk down 14th Street.

Otto's Shrunken Head is located at 538 E14th Street, 212-228-2240; website

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Say what you will about this Mexican restaurant chain, Rosa Mexicano is rocking one of the best frozen margaritas in the city. Frozen margaritas are often made with cheap, hangover-inducing tequila; with all that sweetness, who would notice? But Rosa Mexicano does it right with quality hooch blended with flavorful fresh fruit purees. Their Pomegranate Margarita ($12) has been their signature drink since 1984 and there's no reason to doubt 30 years of boozing history. Get your rim sugared or salted and if you throw your lime in you can watch it actually freeze. These bad boys look sweet and innocent but be forewarned: two is enough to take down a grown adult with a high tolerance.

Rosa Mexicano has three locations in NYC: 9 East 18th Street, 61 Columbus Avenue and 1063 1st Avenue; website

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Diablo Royale's Spicy Mango Margarita ($10) is a straight up tongue-searer, a potent blend of fresh habanero peppers whipped with mango puree. It's also a bit of a mind bender, with its simultaneous brain freeze-mouth fire double whammy. If you don't want to feel the burn, try one of their more tame offerings like a stomach soothing Ginger Margarita ($11) or The Luci ($8), a glass of sparkling wine mixed with some classic margarita. Bonus: classic margaritas are just $6 during happy hour.

Diablo Royale is located at 189 West 10th Street, 212-620-0223; website

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The surfer-esque bar Ho'Brah in Bay Ridge turns out tasty tacos as well as some superlative muddled margaritas that greatly benefit from the use of fresh fruit. Raspberry ($9) is a classic summer choice but Blueberry ($9) and Mango ($9) are worthy entries as well. Another plus, the homemade sour mix, which any bartender will tell you is heads and tails above the gross stuff from the soda gun. If you have nowhere to be later in the day, try the Bulldog Classic ($10, $11 with flavor): a frozen margarita garnished with an upturned Coronita.

Ho'Brah Taco Joint is located at 8618 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 718-680-8226; website

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A classic never dies and neither will the Willie's Frozen Coffee ($7) from honky-tonk haven Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg. Served in the iconic NYC coffee cup, Willie's Frozen Coffee freezes Oslo coffee and whips it into a cold, frothy mixture. Then they add in the bourbon. Lots of bourbon. With a bourbon floater. It's a brain freeze-caffeine rush-intoxication machine that will put you on your ass faster than a Volcano hit with Willie Nelson. (Nell Casey)

Skinny Dennis is located at 152 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, no phone; website

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