A group of enterprising young folks are capitalizing on three of the most loathedlauded commonly bandied around B-words in New York City lexicon: Brooklyn, bicycles and brunch. Get Up and Ride, a year-old group of four BK-based cyclists, begins their "Brunch in Brooklyn Bike Tour" this weekend, offering up a chance to "sample North Brooklyn’s best spots for innovative brunch bites, while riding through scenic areas learning about Brooklyn’s history."

So what does this "foodie" emphasized, $65, 2.5 hour tour include?

  • Bike Rental
  • Helmet (that's at least one advantage over Citi Bike)
  • Bike Lock (Needed!)
  • "CV" Radio (You don't want to miss the guide pointing out authentic hipsters)
  • "Your choice of beverage from a tiny cafe hidden from the typical tourist path" (Cup)
  • "A selection of pastries from a local baker who’s flavor combinations are unrivaled" (Ovenly)
  • "Breakfast Tacos and fresh Orange Juice from a local musician" (Whirlybird)
  • "Sample of chocolate at Brooklyn’s premier chocolate factory" (Mast Brothers)

The tour concludes with an optional, "discounted" Mimosa at a "Local Cafe."

"I created the brunch in Brooklyn tour because there's nothing more New York than brunch," company founder Felipe Lavalle told DNAinfo. "North Brooklyn has so many great places to check out." Indeed it does!

The tour starts at the very un-hangover-friendly-so-not-really-brunch-hour of 10 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, a time better reserved for the tourists we imagine most likely to actually go on this kind of tour. The tour bills itself as a "casual ride with your cool local friend" taking you to "off the beaten path locations that only locals know about," so read that as you will. With the cool kid scene moving onto nabes like Bushwick and beyond, that "cool local friend" might be open to interpretation.