Five dozen live chickens tumbled to freedom this week after a truck driver transporting them to a slaughterhouse upstate turned too hard, knocking their cages onto a street in Williamsburg, of all places.

The chickens were on their way to their final resting place—a market where butchers would have cut off their heads and turned them into food—on Thursday when the fates intervened. They were initially taken to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center, but have since been transported to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, where they will reportedly not be turned into food.

Instead, according to Farm Sanctuary officials, they'll live out the rest of their days doing what chickens do, which one must assume involves a lot of squawking, pecking humans, and re-enacting the classic 2000 film Chicken Run. Chicken Run was not a good movie, but there are really very few fun activities out there for chickens.