In case you haven't ventured from your climate controlled cage cubicle, it's pretty darn hot out there—and this is only the beginning. We've already turned you on to some ice cold summer cocktails and now we're venturing into sweet tooth territory with some icy desserts that also happen to pack an ABV. There are spiked milkshakes, adult floats and even some alcohol-injected ice pops!

(courtesy GO Burger)

ADULT FLOATS FROM GO BURGER: It's a totally natural extension to add real booze to something that already boasts the moniker "beer," and that's what they're doing at this UES burger joint with their Double Barrel Float ($12), a classic root beer-vanilla ice cream version amped up with the addition of Jack Daniel's whiskey. If you never developed a taste for root beer, try their Cuba Libre ($12) on for size instead, made with Bacardi silver rum, cola, vanilla ice cream and lime.

GO Burger is located at 1448 2nd Avenue between 75th and 76th Streets, (212) 988-9822; website

(courtesy il laboratorio del gelato)

PROSECCO SORBETTO FROM IL LABORATORIO DEL GELATO: A refreshing scoop of sorbet can take the edge off a sweltering summer afternoon, which must be why people flock in droves to this LES "lab," where they're scratch making dozens of sorbetti and gelatos for a quick cool down. This season it's all about the new, clementine-flavored sorbetto infused with Ruffino prosecco, resulting in a zesty and effervescent bite. The shop sells the sorbetto in 20 ounce containers ($10.50) and encourages some at-home float mixology with your favorite sparkling wine.

il laboratorio del gelato is located at 188 Ludlow Street between Houston and Stanton Streets, (212) 343-9922; website

FERNET-BRANCA ICE CREAM SANDWICH FROM PEARL & ASH: Little kids would balk at black licorice flavored anything, but adult palates can appreciate a little anise touch, especially when enveloped in luscious ice cream and soft chocolate cookie. Hipster-approved fernet-branca infuses the sweet frozen cream at this Nolita hotspot, giving this cold treat a respectable 4% ABV. The $6 creation doesn't skimp on the nostalgia factor either; each sandwich comes in that thin paper wrapping just like the booze-free versions we inhaled as kids.

Pearl & Ash is located at 220 Bowery between Prince and Spring Streets, (212) 837-2370; website

(courtesy JBird)

SPIKED ICE POPS FROM JBIRD COCKTAILS: The tubes of fluorescent sugar water known as ice pops get injected with shots of booze this Upper East Side cocktail den and best of all, you get one gratis with any drink order! Try a lime and gin on for a lowbrow G&T facsimile; the strawberry with basil vodka for a sweet and herbal mix; or the blueberry with lemon vodka for a flavored lemonade-esque treat. Regardless of flavor, a few of these bad boys will get you drunk, especially if you're chasing them with one of the bar's specialty cocktails.

JBird Cocktails is located at 339 E 75th Street between First and Second Avenues, (212) 288-8033; website

BOURBON ST. SHAKE FROM BROOKLYN BOWL: Long live the boozy milkshake and its ability to get you drunk and necessitate a nap. Many liquor-loving places slinging shakes can toss in a shot and call it a day, but the lily guilding folks at Blue Ribbon are also adding a decadent glob of Nutella to their spiked shake. Snag this vanilla-chocolate-hazelnut beauty for $8.50 or make it adult with a shot of bourbon for $13.50.

Brooklyn Bowl is located at 61 Wythe Avenue between North 11th and North 12th Streets, (718) 963-3369; website

(courtesy Del Frisco's Grille)

SPIKED MILKSHAKE FROM DEL FRISCO'S GRILLE: Speaking of spiked milkshakes, you'll find one on the menu at this Rockefeller Center spinoff of the steakhouse just down the street. The Adult Milkshake ($13) mixes vanilla ice cream with walnut liqueur and creme de cacao chocolate liquer for a nutty, chocolatey sip of heaven. You can get the shake at lunch or dinner or as part of their new Triple Treat, which includes a double cheeseburger and your choice of fries for $23.95 through August. If you find yourself at the Double Eagle Steak House, order the secret, off-menu "Del's Delight" ($13), which comes served in a very adult martini glass.

Del Frisco's Grille is located at 50 Rockefeller Plaza, (212) 767-0371; website

HONORABLE MENTION: The Baked Alaska at DBGB Kitchen & Bar, whereby ice cream and cake and meringue are set ablaze with some kirsch and a blowtorch. Not familiar with the flambe action? Step right this way.