102908chef.jpgForty of New York's "star chefs" anonymously shared their secrets in a survey for Time Out NY, dishing on a wide range of topics, from ingredients in their kitchens they'd never admit to using ("Chopped meat from SYSCO") to the dumbest Health Department rules ("The gloves thing. I use them all the time, but a fuckload of people don’t know how to use them correctly or change them enough. I’ve seen people do some fucked-up things with gloves on—wipe their ass, grab their goodies, touch raw chicken and then go back to cooking/salad-tossing with the same gloves on.") But enough talk of salad-tossing, let's get to the sex! 50% of these chefs insist they've "nailed a hostess," and 69% (ha?) of those claim the "nailing" occurred on the bar. But at least one chef was unamused: "First of all, this question presumes the person completing the survey is a man, and second, it insinuates that the hostess is some kind of bimbette that can be pounded. (I don’t see you asking if you’ve ever blown a busboy in the dish room.)"