'Tis the season... for restaurants to come up with ridiculously overpriced menu items as a way to get press, or to make us feel bad about our finances, or whatever the reason may be to add a $25,000 dessert to the menu. The latest comes to us from the Roosevelt Hotel's Vander Bar, but it turns out it's for a good cause. They'll be selling their $50 "Teddy's Haute Dog" (named for Theodore Roosevelt) to benefit the less fortunate via City Harvest (well, 10% goes to the organization).

If you're thinking that's about $49 too much for some meat slurry, we should point out that the "dog" isn't made from a pasty mixture of unidentifiable bits—it's made of kobe beef. It will also contain foie gras shavings, balsamic onions, caviar aioli and is served on a brioche bun with black truffle fries. Earlier this year Serendipity introduced "the most expensive hot dog in the world" (a $69 monstrosity served on a salted pretzel bun), so it looks like the Kobe-obsessed Old Homestead needs to step up their game.