Feds in Staten Island seized 240 lbs of cocaine that was stashed in a shipment of Mexican beer bound for Canada. Because if you're going to smuggle drugs, you might as well hide them in something fun.

About 100 bricks of cocaine were found on a barge headed from Mexico to Halifax on January 5th. In a move that likely left a lot of Olympic hockey parties high and dry, officials say they intercepted the illicit drugs during a routine search at a Staten Island container terminal, finding them in bags stashed inside containers holding Mexican beer. U.S. Customs officials say the cocaine—which weighed in at about 240 pounds—was worth about $5 million. "This is a significant seizure," Robert E. Perez, director of Customs and Border Protections' New York field operations, said in a statement.

The feds haven't tracked down the party responsible for shipping the drugs, but they say the investigation is ongoing. No word on what happened to all the beer—although we wouldn't be shocked if it stuck around close to home.