What's a beer lover to do in the searing heat when sugary frozen drinks don't do it for them? Drink frozen beer, obviously. Though less common than the frothy fruity cocktails many of us love, beer slushies are most certainly available if one knows where to look. They've got all the benefits of a refreshing, icy treat without the sugar crash and subsequent headache the following morning. Well, unless you drink 10 of them in one sitting; then you're on your own.

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BLUE RIBBON BEER GARDEN We take issue with this venue's designation as a beer "garden"—a second floor balcony space in a LES hotel does not a garden make. But they do offer beer and, for our purposes, a special Frozen Kirin Ichiban ($9) that comes with an extra frothy whip of a frozen version up top. Like many of the offerings on this list, the frozen part of the beer is just the topper, which helps keep things chilled as you drink your way down the cup.

190 Allen Street, (212) 466-0404, website

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GEORGE AND JACKS Williamsburg's chillaxed old man-style bar George and Jacks jumped on the frozen train this past weekend, debuting both Frozen Watermelon Margaritas and, more importantly, Beer Slurpie's served in giant mugs. The bar uses Schofferhofer grapefruit wheat beer, laying first a base of the regular stuff and then topping it with about half a mug's worth of the frozen stuff. They may give you a straw, but the best way to imbibe this not-too-sweet fruit beer creation is directly at the source, swirling the mug around to mix the two beer states together. Bonus: this bad boy is only $5 and it's HUGE.

103 Berry Street, (718) 302-9811

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Almost as fun as drinking a bottle of frozen beer is employing a metal mug in order to do so. We've sung the praises of this Nolita Thai restaurant's Beer Slushie ($7) before because it's fun and alcoholic and refreshing on a hot summer's day. The slushie, known in Thailand as "Bia Wun," employs Chang beer, bottles of which are constantly churning in a wooden vat filled with ice and salt. The resulting product is a half-frozen, bubbling bottle of booze kept further chilled in its metal ice bath.

7 Spring Street, (646) 370-6650; website

REUNION Surf's up at this Hell's Kitchen cocktail den, where the offerings skew sweet and wild as opposed to refined and snooty. Take their Frozen Corona ($12), for example, which employs more than just the ubiquitous Mexican beer in its creation. The bar adds citrusy triple sec to make it more cocktail-esque, plus a squeeze of fresh lime juice for authenticity's sake. The resulting drink is a refreshing, extra booze treat that's much better than the plain old bottle.

357 West 44th Street, (212) 582-3200; website

POK POK PHAT THAI Andy Ricker's ridiculously popular Columbia Street Waterfront Thai restaurant has a little sister with this next-door spot, somewhat confusingly named almost the same thing. No bother! Just enter at 127 Columbia Street and ask for a beer slushie—or "jelly beer," as a helpful employee referred to them as—and if they hand you an ice cold, overflowing bottle of Singha, you're in the right place. The $7 bottle comes with a well-placed straw, meaning you'll get mostly the liquid beer first unless you (carefully) stir it up a bit. Eschew such modern conveniences and gulp straight from the bottle for instant brain freeze.

127 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, (718) 625-2184; website