If you're reading this, chances are you're home with the family sneaking a little time on the Internet to escape the shame spiral your nephew sent you into when he destroyed you at Wii Mario Kart. Or maybe you're still at work, covering for some coworker who left you for dead to spend time with his family (or is he spending time with your wife?). Or perhaps you're the culinary visionary holding a 20 pound turkey over a deep frier in your studio apartment, just waiting for the oil to heat up to the right skin-melting temperature. Probably not, but whatever you're doing it's important to take a moment to laugh at America's best deep fried turkey debacles:

This one is from Christmas, not Thanksgiving, but who cares what holiday it is when you're having this much fun out on the back deck:

It's unclear exactly what happened here, but what a waste. Not even the flies will touch it!:

This one's pretty suspenseful, and while it never quite pays off with a fiery body count, it's fun to watch everyone try to reason with our implacable deep-fry protagonist:

And finally, if you're going to mess around with the deep frier, at least do it poolside:

Still here? Okay, here's a bonus video, because you need a montage: