The Brooklyn Night Bazaar makes its triumphant debut at its new year-round home in Greenpoint. Starting tonight, the Bazaar operates every Friday and Saturday night in the former Angel Bakery space on Banker Street, and though smaller than its previous home, there will still be plenty of eats, crafts and other vendors on hand for a weekend evening well spent. On tap for the opening: Rosamunde Sausage, Brooklyn Oyster Party, Briskettown, Lobster Joint, Oaxaca and Ample Hills plus some beers and other potables. It's not just about shopping and eating, either; get your name down for some mini golf and table tennis, if you're into that kind of thing.

Cask beers have become more common as our collective obsession with "craft" beers has reached a fever pitch. If the rare, funky stuff gets you going, be sure to check out the 8th Williamsburg Cask Beer Fetsival at dba Brooklyn from Friday through Monday. They're offering 15 "rare and delicious" cask-conditioned beers for your imbibing pleasure, all offered at paycheck-friendly prices. If you're a bro who needs brewskis served extra cold, take note: cask beers are served around 54F, so don't expect any blue mountains on your glass.

110113sake.jpgIf you missed the Joy of Sake event in September, correct your oversight at Saturday's "Sake All Stars" Meet-and-Greet Tasting Event. Meet with brewers and learn firsthand how they craft their sakes, which are as nuanced and varied in flavor as wine. You'll also have an opportunity to sample the goods, of course, with offerings from over a dozen different breweries across Japan. They'll be passing around some appetizers, too, perfect to line the stomach for all that drinking. Tickets for the two, two-and-a-half hour tastings (6 p.m. and 9 p.m.) go for $70 and include unlimited sips and bites.

Sunday marks Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, when the devout make offerings to the goddess Lakshmi in hopes for prosperity in the next year. One Jackson Heights bakery takes the opportunity to bake up delicious sweet treats in honor of the holiday, even going so far as to close down to accommodate the demand for gulab jamun and barfi. Real Cheap Eats has a great profile of Maharaja Sweets, including mouth-watering photos of all the sugary delights on offer this weekend. Stop by to sample the goods for yourself—they made around 20,000 pounds of confections!