superman.jpgTomorrow 24 Prince is hoping to jump into the seriously choppy waters where La Esquina and most recently The Back Room ( covered by the Times over the weekend) started: the hidden bar. Today, Thrillist, the Daily Candy for guys' guys, reports that the bar will actually coax you into drinking. Superhero style.

-The liquor cabinets will be thrown open and the wine bottles -- starting at $22 -- will start flying off the shelves faster than Daredevil ruined Ben Affleck's life.
- Sensing that you are a drunk-in-distress, the proprietors will rescue you from a sobering post-meal lull by encouraging you to linger at your table and get lit.
- Serious guzzling will take place in the secretive basement -- which, like Batman with his cave, the owners claim doesn't exist. Also like Batman, they are liars.

Why do the liquor cabinets need to be hidden? Is there really a need for one more Mac and Cheese interpretation in Soho? Us, we never needed to be talked in drinking and think the ploy is getting a little old. Especially for those of us without superhero fixations. What do you think- will you be checking out the new space? Or will standbys like Fanelli's and Milady's stay your Soho stalwarts?

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