Chocolate lovers around the city felt jealous hunger pangs when Sprinkles Cupcakes announced they were launching 24-hour cupcake ATM machines in LA earlier this week—so you can imagine how they'll feel now that the company is rolling out three “cupcake automats" around Manhattan this summer! Now when you start feeling heart palpitations or migraines, you can reach for a designer cupcake instead of a Mars bar.

The ATMs are planned for the companies midtown, downtown and the upper West Side locations, although specifics are still being worked out:“We’re working hard on the exact locations now,” spokeswoman Nicole Schwartz told the Daily News. “They’ll be restocked constantly throughout the day, so if it’s Wednesday, you’ll only get our Wednesday flavors.”

Company founder Candace Nelson, a judge of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” also told the News what inspired her to come up with the automats: after-hour cravings during one of her pregnancies. “I thought there has to be a way, and so the concept of 24-hour Sprinkles was born,” Nelson said. Aww, does that mean they'll have pickles and ice cream cupcakes available?