July has been a big month for hot dogs. Between eating competitions, other eating competitions, cook offs, the hot dog news just won't stop. So of course today—which is apparently National Hot Dog Day?—comes news of what is quite possibly the world's most expensive hot dog. Only a mere $2,300!

The dog—which puts the $666 "douche burger" to shame—is only available at douche-friendly rooftop 230 Fifth, and only with 48 hours notice. On the plus side, it is for also only for charity: all sales proceeds will be donated to City Harvest.

So what dog do you get for your dough? Well, the chef starts with a foot long dog "made of richly marbled wagyu beef dry aged for 60 days by DeBragga" and lace it with black truffles. Then they put it on a brioche bun toasted with white truffle butter and slathered with organic W Ketchup that has been "seasoned with saffron to make it even more precious" as well as with Mustarde de Charroux imported from France. And that's not all! "The accoutrements continue with Vidalia onions caramelized in Dom Perignon Champagne and 100 year old balsamic vinegar" not to mention "house made organic sauerkraut braised in Louis Roederer Cristal and inflected with rare platinum oscetra caviar" and THEN, the dog is topped with house made relish from Gordy’s Pickle Jar. Oh, and some gold leaf for good measure. Take that, $69 dog at Serendipity.

Funny, we were just wondering why New York City didn't have the world's most expensive hot dog and now it looks like we do again. We aren't really sure if that is a good thing though? Anyway, want one? Reserve yours by calling 212-725-4300 or emailing info@230-fifth.com with “Hot Dog” in the subject line.