While others are writing year end lists about their favorite restaurant openings (yeah, we know, A Voce, Little Owl, Boqueria), we thought we'd do something a bit different and highlight some of your favorite posts of the year. These are the food posts that either got you so riled up that you felt the need to put in your two cents in the comments or that, for whatever reason, you wanted to recommend to others.

Most commented:
- Everyone wanted to share their Worst. Meals. Ever. Unfortunately (and quite disgustingly), the comments ended up mostly being about varying degrees of gastrointestinal strife.
- There are two words that never fail to get the comments rolling: foie gras.
- People had a lot to say about Trader Joe's Two Three Buck Chuck.
- An oyster scare got people talking, or was it just a commenter smackdown? [ed. note: have you read our commenting policy lately, folks?]
- And, not surprisingly, people had strong opinions about the trans fat ban.

Most recommended:
- A Taste of Bamn!: rebirth of the New York automat
- Surf's Up: Ditch Plains: a quick peek at Marc Murphy's seafood shack, which has already done a little downward price adjustment on their menu after coming under fire from the food press.
- Camera in the Kitchen: Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man: because who doesn't love chocolate? And bald men?
- Shake Shack Solutions: the birth of the Shack-cam.
- Free Iced Coffee Alert: because the only thing that beats an iced coffee on a hot day is free iced coffee on a hot day after waiting in line for an hour.

And there you have it folks -- your favorite food posts of 2006. Did we leave yours out? Let us know!