Beefsteak Dinner in 1890. (Courtesy of the South Street Seaport Museum)

Last year we revisited the old Beefsteak Dinner craze of the 19th century. The dinners were "initially all-male gatherings in rustic taverns or dingy cellars where, sitting on crates or stools, they would sing, tell stories, eat steaks, and drink ale with abandon. In these 'dungeons,' etiquette was set aside. No knives or forks were allowed. The participants ate tender morsels of beef steak, wiping the grease on large napkins or aprons." In recent years, these dinners have been revived by history (and gluttony) buffs—the modern day versions are open to both men and women, but for the most part they've kept to tradition.

The Copper Room

The Copper Room at Brass Monkey (the perfect atmosphere for the dinner's return) is introducing a Beefsteak dining event series, and tells us they'll be "putting the silverware away and pulling out the aprons" for the dining events. From their press release:

"This indulgent time-honored tradition has returned to The Copper Room (as a monthly series) and Consulting Chef Daniel Parilla (of Minetta Tavern) has created an over-the-top menu of mouth-watering cuts of beef alongside an offering of light or dark beer (1 glass included in the price), grilled onions, roasted potatoes and country bread with salted butter. For just $35 per person, each guest can feast on endless platters of meat recapturing the festive spirit of a unique time gone by. All marinated in garlic, rosemary & Irish Whiskey, the meat selections will consist of: Standing Bone In Ribeye, Flat Iron Steak, Top sirloin, Bone Marrow, and Beef Cheeks."

Following the gluttonous, messy feast, you can expect to be met with meat sweat-induced fever dreams, it's all part of the authentic experience. The first dinner takes place on February 27th at 7:30 p.m., by reservation only for groups of 6 or more.